My name is Dave Alexander.

I'm self taught.

In 1989 I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I haven't, nor have I ever had the accent.

In 1991 I relocated to Manchester, England with my family.

I studied Graphic Design, then realised I didn't want to be a Graphic Designer. I graduated from The University of Central Lancashire in 2012. Shortly afterwards, I relocated to London for 2 years and worked as a photographer's assistant.

In 2014 I returned to Manchester, where I currently reside. My work has thrown me through a few time zones since then; London, Los Angeles, Reykjavik, Ancona, Paris, Istanbul, and Munich to name a few. Oh and of course, Manchester.

My advertising and editorial clients include Nike, Religion, AQ/AQ, Represent Clothing, Ihani & Maechi, Highsnobiety Magazine, Schön Magazine, HYPEBEAST, Foot Asylum, Maniere De Voir, Adanola, Phantom Project, John Lewis, Lipsy, FIASCO Magazine, Next, Fucking Young!, PAUSE Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, Noctis Magazine, Source, FIASCO, Elléments Magazine, Vignette and Hope St. Magazine.


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